This can be a poem I composed about the every day life of high school learners. Enjoy.

 Essay concerning this is a composition I wrote about the every day life an excellent source of school students. Enjoy.

At ten the bell rings

And the classes will see

Many numerous teens in complete unhappiness.

The lockers start closing in the entree

Signaling the lurkers, up against the walls

Enough time has come, and now they must pay out

For staying up for hours doing simply play.

The final bell jewelry the teachers come out

To see the students the actual day is around.

They have multiple choices

In regards to what their tone is, however the message is always the same:

" Jabber and jabber, yada and yada, turn in the homework or your class will be nada! "

The students' faces, all stuffed with pain,

Inform you that no matter just how this advice is definitely laid plain

Some GPAs will never very clear one,

And those teens' parents deprive them of fun

Up coming comes the chorus which will always lose interest us,

" Open your ebooks to web page three-fifty-four

Intended for twenty webpages of homework you've been waiting for. "

After, or before, this amazingly unfortunate bore

The term " project" comes to mind;

A different way to place your brain within a bind.

" And look away, students! Tomorrow is due

That huge task you've recently been putting off for a month or two. "

In third period, they might feel somewhat muddy,

Even though it is no portion because

Of this test which is why they did not study.

However the third period teacher enables a respite

For this particular teacher does not bite;

His tests will be challenging and his assignments fun,

Making it seem that like in a wish the school operates.

Fourth period comes,

And students' bellies are rumbling;

No fortune for them in their studies,

Irrespective of all their grumbling

At last, lunch arrives, and three us dollars will be eliminated

If it is pizza this day that pupils hope to feast upon.

Laughing and eating are now a norm,

Much like the atmosphere of a school dorm

5th period is quiet,

And deadly too,

As a great after lunchtime nap

May mean for your grade... certainly not well.

Now, dear comrades, the struggle is over,

Along with six periods...

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