The Hero

 Essay regarding The Main character

2. G EN 1st Assignment Fall season 3/9 2012

The Leading man – Siegfried Sassoon

By; Mads Anton Andersen

1 )

" Jack port fell since he'd have wished, " the Mother said,

And folded up the letter that she'd go through.

" The Colonel publishes articles so effectively. " Some thing broke

Inside the tired words that quavered to a choke.

She half looked up. " We mothers are so proud

Of our lifeless soldiers. " Then her face was bowed.

2 .

”The Hero” by Siegfried Sassoon is about a soldier named Jack. This individual goes to battle for his country, nevertheless dies on the battlefield. She has Colonel publishes articles Jack's mother a letter, telling her that her son has fallen. We also learn about what his Brother Official thinks of him, and how Jack basically died.

In the first stanza we learn about the mom who received a page from the Colonel. She covers her feelings because your woman thinks that if the lady turns disappointed, that will dishonour his memory space. You can get that from: " We mothers are so pleased, of our dead soldiers” Then simply her face was bowed. The brother Officer is introduced in the second stanza, and is informing the mother lies, in order that she would feel better. These is are regarding her son. About how he died a noble loss of life, and was a brave and glorious soldier. I believe the Brother Officer tell these types of lies to alleviate the pain. But the behind these is situated is the unsightly truth. The reality, which we could find in the last stanza, is that he was a coward. Not only a coward, although a ineffective coward. " He believed how " Jack”, cold-footed, useless swine”

Remembering back again, the Buddy Officer reminded how he had tried to get home, but sadly died prior to succeeding. In the ending in the third stanza, we also find out that no one really cares about Jack port. Except his mother. " Blown to small bits, and no one particular seemed to proper care, except that lonesome women with white hair”

This poem clearly shows the loss of life, and soreness associated with warfare. Not only how terrible a war is, but likewise especially the soreness put after the family of the gone down...

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