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SWOT Analysis - Strengths

Li-Ning has good brand picture; the reputation of the Li-Ning brand is reliable and trustworthy. Because China's top rated athletic put on maker, most the Chinese people notice it as a sort of national brand because of its cooperation with various Chinese language National Team, including China National Volant Team. Li Ning had previously teamed up with the Countrywide Basketball Association to attract the " NBA Quickly pull Van Tour”. It had as well endorsed basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neal (albeit only in China). Li Ning has now sponsored clubs from around the globe in key sporting events such as the Olympics video games. Li Ning currently benefactors China's countrywide badminton team. The badminton team became the fifth Chinese crew to partner with Li Ning, along with the Oriental National Ping pong Team, the Chinese National Gymnastics Crew, the Oriental National Capturing Team and the Chinese National Diving Team. (

Li-Ning has a thorough distribution network, from nineties, the first store exposed in Beijing, currently it has more than 7000 stores all over China, besides, Li-Ning founded distribution logistic model as 2000s and built up a supplier data database to deal with the division network better. What is more, Li-Ning is the a single brand which has a unique official web store which could become reached out by simply world-wide customer base. Li-Ning is definitely banking upon badminton as the break-through instrument to increase outside China and tiawan; Southeast Asia. Li-Ning envisioned itself to be the sports company synonymous with badminton; the widely used, prevalent and influential sport in Southeast Asia. " They be familiar with Chinese marketplace better than international players, and their prices will be lower, " said Rui Wu, a great analyst by JP Morgan. " Li Ning is definitely the market innovator because it started out earlier than different ones. " Analysts say the sportswear sector is a good way for buyers to take advantage of China's surging consumer increase. Retail product sales in the country hopped 17 percent in 08 to $1. 3 trillion as more and more well-heeled China took any in better products and life styles. (

Advancement in technology is the third strength intended for Li-Ning, having its ongoing item innovations taking place aggressively. A good example is an illustration for the badminton racquets: high-tech mild shock absorption materials filled in racket frame increases smash efficiency and avoids injuries coming from movements with the wrist. Li Ning comes out with innovations to generate about 600 different sneaker styles a year. Furthermore, it hired essential personals over time in the form of Ned Frederick (a former analysis director for Nike) and Portsmouth (N. H. )-based Daniel Richard Design, which had countless Converse and Saucony. Among the new systems resulted was your ‘Basketball Bow' which could contend with the Nike Air lineup in terms of technology. (

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