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1)My topic is strengths and weaknesses

2)What helped me to decide to decide on this cause every body possess strong items and their disadvantages. 3) Advantages Only or perhaps Strengths and Relative Weaknesses? A Preliminary Examine falseRust, Teri; Diessner, Rhett; Reade, Lindsay. The Record of Psychology143. 5 (Oct 2009): 465-76. Abstract (summary)

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Does working away at developing character strengths and relative persona weaknesses cause lower existence satisfaction than working on expanding character strong points only? The present study provides a preliminary answer. After 76 college students accomplished the Beliefs in Action Products on hand of Advantages (C. Peterson & M. E. G. Seligman, 2004), the writers randomly assigned them to work with 2 persona strengths or perhaps on one particular character strength and you relative weak spot. Combined, these groups demonstrated significant increases on the Fulfillment With Lifestyle Scale (E. Diener, Ur. A. Emmons, R. T. Larsen, & S. Griffin, 1985), in contrast to a 32-student no-treatment group. However , there were no significant difference in gain scores involving the 2-strengths group and the 1-character-strength-and-1-relative-characterweakness group. The authors talk about how concentrating on relative character weaknesses (along with strengths) does not diminish-and may aid in increasing-life pleasure. 4) how for me to determine and sum it up this subject there is people that pros and cons some people happen to be strong in one subject and weak an other subject it don't matter who poor and who strong if you put a very good person which has a weak person just desire that person gets a little better in there research. 5) yes there was sample on the matter is in number 3

6) what interesting me concerning this topic is definitely every thing applies about this. 7) the current research is to try to discover people pros and cons to what at any time they...

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