Srs for On the net Attendance Maintainance System

 Essay regarding Srs intended for Online Attendance Maintainance System

Table of Articles

1 . Advantages

1 . Purpose

2 . Range

3. Designed Audience

4. Definition, Shortened forms, and Short-hand

5. Recommendations

6. Solutions to be utilized

7. Overview

2 . Total Description

1 . Product Perspective

2 . Item Functionality

3. User and Characteristics

some. Operating Environment

5. Style and Setup Constraints

6. User Documentation

7. Presumptions and Dependencies

3. Specific Requirements

1 ) User Interface

installment payments on your Software Interface

3. Hardware Interface

some. Communicational Interfaces

5. Functional Requirements

some. Behavior Requirements

4. you Use Case View

your five. Other nonfunctional Requirements

a few. 1 Security and safety Requirements

your five. 2 Software program Quality Features

1 . Intro:

Online Presence Maintenance Strategy is software designed for daily attendance in schools, universities, offices, and so forth It helps to access the attendance data of a particular employee/student within a particular establishment. The information is updated into database. This will help to in evaluating the attendance efficiently.

On-line attendance means " the act of watching attendance over a network such as the Internet". This is type of Web site that can run on the network and user working away at internet can see their presence from all over the world. Now pupils have no need to make a queue to get watching their very own attendance your parents may check attendance of their kids This task is entirely dedicated intended for maintaining the attendance of student. Through this, student are now able to get their presence in various subjects directly from their particular rooms, CCLS, homes and cyber cafГ© by just coming into their spin number via this site. The attendance is the most recently up to date one. Teacher can update the presence of the scholar directly from their very own cabins. Establish a program that ensures clear and constant administration of attendance supervision issues. Trainees attendance management is computer software developed pertaining to daily presence of students in colleges. It assists in the access of attendance data of a particular student owned by a particular course. The attendance information can be provided to the DEO by the faculty tutor for a particular school and subject matter. The software program also helps in assessing the exam eligibility criteria for a college student in the sense that only those college students with presence above 75% are allowed to be eligible for the semester exams.

1 ) 1 Goal:

The goal of developing Online Attendance Repair System is to eradicate the technical dangers that are happening in present system. One other purpose to get developing this kind of software is to generate the survey automatically at the conclusion of the period or in the between from the session.

The attendance management system is software designed for daily attendance of in various purposes. It facilitates the access of attendance details of a particular user owned by a particular section. The attendance information is provided to the head by administrator for your class and section. The software program system will help with evaluating the examination membership and enrollment criteria for a user in the sense that only individuals students with attendance over 75% are allowed to be eligible for the semester examinations or particular attendance percentage for employees.

1 . two Scope:

The range of the job is to work the attendance online and to generate various operations flexible like calculating pupil attendance percentage regularly or generating salaries to employees based on all their attendance.

The intention of developing " Attendance Management System” is to computerized the tradition method of taking attendance. Another purpose for developing this application is to generate the desired...

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