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Term of NGO:

Waste Warriors

Name Of Project:

Waste Management and Consciousness Rising


Waste Warriors can be an experienced and dynamic voluntary organization committed to tackling India's garbage issue. We do that through a mix of direct actions, liaison and awareness increasing. We actually have 3 significant projects for Dharamshala, Dehradun and Corbett and our work is to encourage and provide affordable and eco friendly waste managing systems that improve kinds of living conditions, health and quality of life. We are involved in a whole variety of activities which includes:

Creating squander management versions

Interactive education programs

Training and workshops

Waste segregation and recycling

Poster removing

Event squander management like at Sunburn music event in Goa, IPL crickinfo matches, Chennai marathon, etc .

Brief summary

Within the curriculum the scholars of IPM2011 were designated the task of being aware of the ground realities and find out the lesson of societal values with first-hand knowledge. Students opted for different NGOs as their program in their try to imbibe principles and become liable citizens of the country over time to come. There are many issues that need to be addressed in order to make every citizen of India to be proud of their nation. Starting from child labor, children education in rural areas, girl child protection, alleviation of low income through education there are many more issues, which in turn need immediate attention. It really is matter of pleasure that there are a large number of govt. /non-govt. organizations are working in this regard inspite of lot of troubles. Believing inside the concept that clean environment make one think clearly and positively I opted for a NGO working religiously to get make traveler places like Dehradun in Uttarakhand and Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh clean and a better place to live and visit. The NGO is run by CEO Jodie Underhill and is called as WASTE MATERIALS WARRIORS. It is definitely a commendable effort for a British Nationwide to function so eagerly to make these places better for anyone to live. It was good learning experience as we came across a lot of hurdles in our efforts good results . Ms. Jodie at the forefront everything chop down into place. The notion about the nature of the job can vary from person to person yet one thing was common. Everybody in the town wanted to get rid of the waste and appreciated the drives. Aside from cleanup drives the focus was mainly about awareness programs so that everybody on the street is a change in him. We stopped at many schools, coaching centers and office buildings to make people aware of spend management and seek even more volunteers intended for our incoming projects. The programs were well approved by students.

Scope of project:

Finding your way through Solid Waste Management Plan

Data Collection and Evaluation for correct quantification and characterization of waste
 Waste quantification analysis and prediction.

Analyze the existing spend management circumstance. Assessing the institutional platform and solutions available Stakeholders' consultation remarks and insight. Understanding the part of different stakeholders at several levels of solid waste supervision chain. Produce action plan and SWM strategy.

Collection of system, gear, vehicles, technology.

Design squander management structure, planning and design of systems, technology selection. 
Preparation of plan for vehicles of sound waste. 
 Preparation of plan for removal on terrain i. electronic. environmentally safe and sustainable disposal in landfills. Put into action the action plan and keep an eye on the results.

Activities involved and timeline:

Creating waste supervision models

Active education courses

Training and workshops

Waste materials segregation and recycling

Poster removal

Community cleanup...

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