Rosenberg's Category Examination

 Essay about Rosenberg’s Category Analysis

Subject: An research of how kids identity builds up over time: employing Rosenberg's study of self-descriptions (1979).


This report is an analysis of two semi structured selection interviews investigating many ways individual children give self- descriptions, and exactly how these change with age group. An almost 8 year old girl and a 16 yr old boy were interviewed independently in a familiar environment. That they first composed down their particular chosen self-descriptions which were in that case discussed together with the interviewer. Just read was followed by several questions in relation to self-evaluation, home and others, best self plus the locus of self-knowledge. The results were coded using the same methodology the researcher Rosenberg used to analyse children's self-descriptions in 1979. This kind of report also available a developing sequence in the manner children describe themselves; younger children describe themselves using physical characteristics while older children largely rely on mental characteristics.


Psychologists as far back as William David have long been captivated by the breakthrough of a feeling of identification. The first step a kid takes on the street to self-understanding is creating that he or she is present (ref. via 2009). Wayne labelled this the ‘self as subject' or existential self (Lewis, 1990). Since the child develops and interacts with its environment, his or her daily interaction with others instructs it more about the ‘self since object' or perhaps categorical do it yourself (Dunn, 1988). This is when a simple level of self-awareness is obtained, the child areas himself and it is placed by simply others in categories that define who they are (ref. from 2009). Harter (1983) outlined a developmental pattern in which children's self-descriptions change as they become older, where they begin to see themselves more objectively - as though described by simply others (ref. from 2009). She observed that since children acquired older they moved coming from qualities of character to interpersonal qualities; then finally on to reflective descriptions with their emotions and attitudes. Bannister and Agnew (1977) also noted a similar psychological progress, from physical descriptors of self inside the younger to more mental characteristics in the older children (ref. from 2012). The research of the selection interviews here will likely illustrate this same developmental series in the way that children illustrate themselves.

In 1979 Rosenberg analysed the responses of 8-18 year olds about areas of the do it yourself. He was executed to first kind the children's answers in meaningful types, and second to identify habits of self-descriptions which could indicate a developmental progress. This report applies Rosenberg's categories and themes towards the interview data and then talks about the effects. The research query is consequently to investigate many ways individual children give self-descriptions and how you will of these change with age group.

Rosenberg determined the 4 broad categories of self-description used here. The first, physical descriptors, had been used largely by the most youthful participants. Older kids used more character attributes to describe themselves. There was as well more mention of the relationships because age improved. Finally, the oldest kids used internal qualities to define the self.

Rosenberg also found a developmental change in the locus of self-knowledge from away from the do it yourself in the young participants to within the home in the earliest participants. This is certainly borne in this report only to some extent.

The actual this report interesting is the fact it displays where and why Rosenberg's methodology is useful in many respects; nevertheless that it likewise makes recommendations how and where to boost upon it and make it a lot more effective and analytical going forward.



The data for this study originated in two interviews conducted by the team. The interviews had been semi-structured. The two took place during the school day time. The younger children were interviewed in their PREMATURE EJACULATION RAPID EJACULATION, RAPID CLIMAX, PREMATURE CLIMAX, hall. The...

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