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1 . Explain the significance of components (encapsulation) in the framework of object-oriented development. installment payments on your Explain how can OO primarily based development helps reuse?

several. How does the concept of inheritance correspond with OO-based creation? 4. How can the concept of composition/ aggregation connect with OO-based creation? 5. Recognize the four components of a use circumstance and how they will affect the other person. 6. Offer an example to get actor generalization. What is the significance of generalizing or specializing actors? several. Provide an case for use case generalization. What is its significance? 8. What are the differences between " extend” and " include” use cases? on the lookout for. How do you establish structural building in an object-oriented approach? 15. How will you distinguish objects from classes? Can you offer an example? 10. Where perform classes result from?

12. To develop an information system, which one do you need to identify initial, classes or objects? Describe. 13. Strength modeling signifies classes or objects?

14. How exactly does encapsulation shield business rules from unauthorized access and manipulation? 15. How does an object's software relate to services that the subject provides? 16. Comment on the statement: " Classes provide the containers and objects give you the contents. ” 17. Why exactly should operations always be described simply by verbs?

18. What is " protected” presence? Give the.

19. What is the difference between aggregation and formula? Give an example for each. 20. Describe the partnership between dynamic modeling, behavioral modeling and structural modeling. 21. Touch upon this declaration: " Energetic modeling is around interaction. ” 22. How sequence plan differs by use-case modeling?

23. Make clear how things interact simply by exchanging emails.

24. Clarify the position of parameters and come back values in exchanging emails. 25. What are the building blocks of a sequence diagram?

26. Make clear the life span...

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