P4 Explain two theories of ageing

 Essay about P4 Make clear two theories of aging

P4 Describe two ideas of ageing Disengagement Theory Cumming and Henry Proposal To be included

Association To be interested

Being with each other

To make a contribution



To withdraw

To pull away

To isolate aside

To separate



Disengagement theory 1961

Elaine Cumming and Bill henry stated that old persons will naturally separate themselves as they age. Cumming – In respect to Cumming older people can be more 'individual' as they have raised up which process can be natural for elderly people. In addition they start nurturing less about people landscapes and viewpoints on them. A large number of people decided with the shift theory. Bromley stated it was 'bound to happen', no matter how much all of us try and prevent it. " Old people have neither the physical nor the mental resources that they had when young”... (Health and Social Attention Book one particular, Amy Whitehouse PG, 170) Some issues can be the basis for elderly people to disengage and pull away. Problems can be items like;

Physical abilities – disabilities, poor mobility or perhaps difficulties hearing/seeing can cause limitations to socialising. They may feel embarrassed or discriminated against and so they might believe its far better to not socialise. Geographical memory- they may think alone and left out if perhaps family members move away. This will make them significantly less motivated to socialise with others because they may feel like they would almost certainly move away as well. They may feel fearful of losing even more people. Retirement- they may give up socialising because they might not maintain in-touch with former influences and people coming from work. They will not feel motivated enough. Ill-health of close friends and relatives- their friends may stop keeping talking to them as they have physical abilities and illness issues. Travel and technology- older people may find this harder to keep up with all the new-technology and how their used. They could feel embarrassed about trying to get involved and may experience " also old” intended for the new technology. They might not have access to a car or perhaps may experience pressured in public areas so they will limit venturing out and socialising. They may also feel discriminated against or judged by public. Alternatively Zimbardo 1992 disagreed with all the disengagement theory and explained that several elderly people nonetheless engage in interpersonal activities. Although they still build relationships people that they know and are also used to rather than making new friends this might still show that they are engaged. The activity theory The activity theory was developed by Bromley during1996 in response for the disengagement theory. It shows that old persons can steer clear of disengagement if they stay lively and maintain interpersonal interactions simply by enjoying the organization of others. The activity theory of ageing offers that older adults are happiest after they stay active, particularly when it can be purposeful since it encourages seniors to replace 'lost life roles' after retirement living and, therefore , keep up an interest in life. Bromley also declared its essential to avoid disengagement in order to prevent stagnation and loss of mental as well as physical skills. M2 Discuss two major ideas of getting older in relation to the development of the individual Case Study 1- Mrs Thompson

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