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April 12, 2012

Assignment One – 2

1) Perform a great analysis in the social/demographic, scientific, economic environmental/geographic and political/legal/governmental segments to comprehend the general environment facing Wonderful Lakes. Describe how Great Ponds will be afflicted with each of these exterior factors. Social/demographic

The cultural demographic portion reflects the population size, the age structure, the ethic and income combine, and the geographic distribution. The fantastic Lakes Organization employs above 3700 people. (1) The people for Indianapolis, Indiana where the Great Wetlands Corporation impacts has increased at a rate of six. 6% coming from 2000 to 2010. (2) Technological

The Great Ponds Corporation will likely need to increase or perhaps expand their technology with regards to the use of leaded gasoline. Technology can be costly when it comes to aiming to come up with ways to eliminating an item that is damaging to consumers. However the corporation has already established time to examine what to do with the lead fuel, there doesn't seem to be a conclusion from the company's subsequent move. The longer the corporation waits, a lot more it is going to cost them. As stated in the case analyze, developing countries are going to eventually switch to unleaded gasoline which will put the pressure on the company to respond quicker and possibly make decisions that are not thought completely through. Economic/environmental

Any kind of decision the fantastic Lake Organization is going to affect the economic environment. If the company selects to wait right up until they are required to make a big change, the effect towards the economy could cause massive levels of money needed to make the realignment. Usually when that Task One -- 3

happens, the company contains a layoff to help recoup a number of the money. This also affects the economy. The environment is affected because the business lead is considered hazardous. The environment is likewise affected when there is a drip at the firm. The environmental penalties that will take place if this happens will cost the company lots of money. There will also have to be money spent to put into practice procedures in order to avoid this coming from happening once again. Political/legal/governmental

The political/legal/governmental portion could also price the company money. Politically launched an election year, political figures usually have a stand in certain environmental issues. Wonderful Lakes might get caught in the midst of one of those issues. The effect could possibly be severe although if the company's brand is tossed into the limelight negatively, environmentalist could target, lobby and boycott the business which could be expensive. The company would have to go to superb lengths to reverse the negative effect from being in the spotlight. That can include promoting and still a report to eliminate the application of lead gasoline.

The effect of all of the social/demographic, technological, economic environmental/geographic and political/legal/governmental segments is likely to cost the corporation money regardless of which approach they take. To minimize the cost or to spread out the price, the company should start studying different uses of lead gasoline or examining ways to little by little eliminate the utilization of lead gasoline. 2) Analyze the lead additives sector in the U. S. using the Five Forces of Competition Model. Describe the impact of each and every of the five (5) causes on the market and based upon this examination, determine if the industry is of interest or unsightly.

Assignment One - four

The five forces of competition version are risks of new entrants, threat of substitute items, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining powers of buyers and rivalry among competing businesses. Threats of New Entrants

Once Great Wetlands make the total transformation in not applying lead fuel, they will enter into a new industry. This is likely to be a problem for Great...

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