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Executive Synopsis

Child Labor has become probably the most common problem to get the growing countries. This kind of initiative was prompted simply by, on the one hand, studies from a number of studies indicating the frequency of physical labor of youngsters and, one the other side of the coin, a lack of past systematic exploration on the main aspects of child abuse. Latest pronouncements by the committee on the rights of the child stressing the importance of hearing from children about their activities of physical violence in order to conceptualize this issue were influential.

The main objective with the study is usually to enhance the present understanding of kid labor in Dhaka town. There is also the in learning regarding the perspectives on child abuse of significant adults in kid's lives.

This kind of repot have been made to demonstrate current picture of child labor in Dhaka city, whilst in the Bangladesh and whole community. And, the condition of Dhaka metropolis compared with different cities in the world. This statement also displays the reason, challenges and some solution of the difficulty child labor.


Child labor is a major socio-economic problem in most developing countries including Bangladesh. It is also a significant human rights issue facing the world. The kid labor circumstance in Bangladesh cannot make much progress, development, improvement due to the fact that Serious poverty is forcing poor children to do all sorts of function including the unsafe ones. The us government as well as the Foreign Labor Business (ILO) can be deeply worried about this problem. To get reliable info on the seriousness and dimensions of child labor, the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) with the economic and technical support of ILO-SIMPOC, conducted a nation-wide household-based child labor survey (NCLS).

Child labor is the career of children in regular and sustained labor. This practice is considered exploitative by many countries and international organizations. Child labor was utilized to different extents through most of record, but moved into public question with the start of universal schooling, with changes in operating conditions during industrialization, current emergence from the concepts of workers' and children's legal rights. Child labor is still prevalent in some places where school leaving age is leaner.

What is Child Labor

In Bangladesh you cannot find any uniform meaning of a child associated with minimum age. However , the subsequent box gives the definition of children in different regulations relating to kids.

Box 1: Definition of kids

|Acts/Ordinances |Way of determining a child | |1. The Mines Action, 1923 |Who has not completed his fifteenth year | |2. The Children Act, 1933 |Under the age of fifteen | |3. The Employment of Children Act, 38 |Who has not completed his fifteenth yr | |4. The Tea Plantation Labor Ordinance, 62 |Who hasn't completed his fifteenth year | |5. The Retailers and Institutions Act, 1965 |A person who has not accomplished twelve years | | |of era...

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